it is our hope that through the calibration of the design process, we may resist the tendency towards the preconceived idea and continue to work with our clients to develop unique environments that foster a sense of timelessness and provide a richness in which we dwell.

engage the client in the process

together, the client and architect define an architectural strategy: a framework defined by the architect and calibrated by client/user input. both the initial defining of this framework by the architect and the subsequent calibration in response to client/user input defines a process that enables us to circumvent any individual preconceptions and allow for a collectively defined outcome.

creative (mis)use of materials

by reclaiming common, ordinary or otherwise overlooked materials, removing them from their given context and [mis]using them in a new extra-ordinary way, we are able to reveal a material essence that evokes an evidence of the hand and fosters a sense of timelessness.


we feel that it is essential to investigate techniques of making that are otherwise foreign to us. therefore we often engage emerging artists and manufactures in our process so that we may embrace new methods of making and critically re-define their role in architecture.

founded in 2006, tacklebox architecture, pllc is an award-winning architecture firm with a portfolio that includes retail interiors, commercial office design, single and multi-family residential projects, and furniture design. The work of tacklebox architecture has received multiple awards and has been featured in over 75 publications. in 2010, tacklebox was selected by the american institute of architects new york chapter as one of the seven best new architecture practices in its biennial design competition, new practices new york. In 2018, the architect's newspaper recognized tacklebox architecture as one of the top 50 interior architecture firms. Copyright 2006-2019 tacklebox architecture, pllc

Jeremy Barbour

Jeremy Barbour is the founding principal of tacklebox architecture. Jeremy holds a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech. Jeremy is an Adjunct Professor teaching architecture at Parsons, the New School for Design and has taught architecture for 13 years at multiple universities including Columbia GSAPP, New York Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute, School of Architecture.

An Hoang

An Hoang is a Brooklyn-based artist, creative partner, and a frequent collaborator with Tacklebox Architecture, since the founding of the firm in 2006.

current and past collaborators

sheridan treadwell, semi park, an hoang, andrew broddle, troy lacombe, angelo jones, mitch snyder, jerome hord, ken amoah, hiroshi teramae, christopher kim, carrie mcknelly, michael mcdowell, seonghak lee, joel stewart, lauren adams, eric famisan, leon schmidt, irene urmeneta

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